About Us

Our Story


PRAU Security comprises a group of skilled individuals who have been actively involved in their community as NHW members for the past six years. Each team member possesses a deep-seated commitment to security and safeguarding their community. PRAU has maintained close collaboration with SAPS, Law Enforcement, and other divisions in order to combat the persistent crime issues in the Deep South.


Every member is well-trained to handle various situations based on their expertise and training. The team consists of dedicated individuals driven by a strong sense of community, displaying qualities such as focus, passion, reliability, and honesty. Over the years, we have built strong bonds with our community and various protective services, creating a tight-knit family that shares the same goal of community protection.

Our Team

Raven Flack


Jono Hopkins

Marketing Manager

Bianca Knoesen


Justin Tracey

Operations Manager

Why Us?


Every member of our PRAU team has successfully completed a stringent selection process to guarantee the selection of only the most qualified candidates. Prior to being offered a position at PRAU Security, each member has undergone thorough security clearance checks and certified psychoanalysis profiling.


Upon employment, all candidates must undergo comprehensive and ongoing training to continuously enhance their skills.


Our Tactical Armed Response Unit consists of professionally trained individuals proficient in firearm handling, crime-scene management, and basic medical first aid.


This extensive training equips them to effectively serve you in any situation that may occur. Furthermore, we take pride in offering unique services that set us apart from other security companies.