Our Services

Residential Panic Response and Alarm Monitoring

What we offer:


We offer Armed Response services to clients who choose to subscribe to this option. Our dedicated staff in this division are extensively trained to handle emergency situations, ensuring that the level of skill you expect from your service provider is met.


This service provides homeowners with an additional level of security and peace of mind. Its purpose is to detect and respond to any potential threats or emergencies that may occur in your home.


The system operates by monitoring your residence for signs of intrusion or danger, promptly alerting you as the homeowner and us, your alarm system service provider, if necessary. This service proves particularly advantageous for individuals living alone or in remote areas, as it adds an extra layer of protection and security for you and your loved ones.


Response and Monitoring for Business Security

What we offer:


Business security is vital today due to increasing risks like theft, vandalism, cyber attacks, and breaches. A comprehensive security setup with access control, surveillance cameras, alarms, and cybersecurity measures is crucial to safeguard assets, data, and reputation.


These measures collaborate to protect premises, monitor activities, prevent unauthorized access, and mitigate risks. Investing in dependable business security enhances employee safety, asset protection, business continuity, and trust from customers and partners.


It also promotes a secure work environment, builds stakeholder confidence, and ensures compliance with industry regulations. Prioritizing business security is essential for a successful and resilient enterprise in today's complex and interconnected landscape.


On Call Psychologist/Trauma Counseling

What We Offer:


Clients who subscribe monthly can rely on our on-call Trauma Counselor for support. When faced with a traumatic experience, our counselor is there to assist individuals in navigating their emotions, comprehending the impact of their experience, and devising effective coping mechanisms to manage distress effectively.


As part of our service, we provide a complimentary initial consultation for one incident. During this session, our counselor thoroughly evaluates the situation, guides the individual through the initial stages of trauma processing, and offers support tailored to their specific needs. Should further counseling be required beyond the initial consultation, additional sessions are available at an extra cost.


Our goal is to ensure that individuals feel supported and equipped to address their traumatic experiences in a healthy and constructive manner.

Roadside Assistance

What We Offer:


PRAU, as an attentive assistant, offers prompt roadside assistance to drivers who are clients in urgent need of help. Whether it's a flat tire, dead battery, lockout, fuel issue, or a vehicle that won't start, PRAU's advanced technology enables swift identification of the problem and provides potential solutions to its clients.


With PRAU's rapid response and effective solutions, drivers can have peace of mind, knowing they have a dependable ARO (Automotive Roadside Operator) by their side in case of an emergency.



Home/Business Arrival/Departure Escort Services 

What We Offer:


PRAU is dedicated to offering clients reliable arrival and departure escort services at an additional cost depending on distance travelled. Whether you're attending a party, dinner, special event, or traveling to or from the airport, PRAU stands ready to provide safe and secure transportation from point A to point B.


Our team will meet you at your residence or place of business, prioritizing the safety of your property before entry.


This proactive approach ensures that you and your family are safeguarded against any potential threats posed by hijackers, robbers, or opportunistic individuals, providing peace of mind as you embark on your journey.

External Tow Truck Contractors

What We Offer:


We offer the convenience of external tow truck contractors as part of our service. In the event of a breakdown or vehicle malfunction, we can arrange for reliable and professional tow truck operators to assist our clients.


Whether it's a flat tire, engine failure, or any other roadside issue, our network of trusted contractors ensures that help is just a phone call away.


We prioritize prompt response times and efficient solutions, providing peace of mind to our clients knowing that they have access to reliable towing services whenever they need them.





Rapid Response

What We Offer:


In addition to alarm monitoring, we offer prompt armed response services for situations that demand immediate attention. Upon the activation of an alarm or the identification of suspicious activity, our highly trained security personnel are ready to swiftly and decisively respond, mitigating any potential risks.


With our advanced security systems, we can rapidly identify the location and nature of the threat, enabling our team to arrive at the scene within minutes, equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to address the situation at hand.


Whether it's a break-in, robbery, or any other emergency, our unwavering commitment is to deliver fast and effective armed response services to ensure the safety of your property and your loved ones.


Alarm Monitoring

What we offer:


Our professional Alarm Monitoring services offer clients peace of mind by ensuring the safety and security of their homes, businesses, or properties. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and continuous surveillance, we swiftly detect any signs of intrusion or unauthorized access and promptly notify the relevant authorities or designated emergency services.


Designed to provide round-the-clock protection, our alarm monitoring services grant you the confidence and assurance that your property is well-secured, no matter your location in the world. Allow us to assist you in maintaining a safe and secure premises, enabling you to fully enjoy life with a care-free mindset, focusing on what truly matters to you.