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PRAU Security stands as a sanctuary of highly skilled individuals, whose service to our communities spans a decade of unwavering dedication. Each member of our team carries within them a profound commitment to the safety and holistic well-being of our neighborhoods.


In our pursuit of collective security, PRAU has nurtured profound partnerships with prestigious entities such as the South African Police Service (SAPS), Crime Prevention Unit (CPU), Law Enforcement (LE), SAN Parks, and local Neighbourhood Watches. Through these collaborations, we harmoniously strive to confront and overcome the persistent challenges of crime that afflict the Deep South suburb of Cape Town.


Our team members undergo rigorous training, equipping themselves to navigate a diverse array of situations with wisdom born of experience. Guided by the pillars of commitment, integrity, and authenticity, we serve our community with unwavering devotion.


Throughout our journey, we have woven enduring connections within our communities and among various protective services. This interconnected tapestry forms a sacred bond, uniting us in our shared mission of safeguarding our community. Together, we stand as guardians of security and champions of communal harmony, unwavering in our resolve to uphold these sacred principles.

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