About PRAU


PRAU originated from a trio of friends who shared a hobby that eventually turned into their passion. Our company is rooted in the Deep South, allowing us to provide fast response times and prioritize the safety, security, and betterment of our local communities. PRAU has established a collaboration with Zone Security, ensuring the monitoring of existing alarm systems and offering new installations as required. Our packages come with competitive pricing and exclusive additional services that distinguish our security company. We take pride in serving the Deep South area of Cape Town with our top-notch services.

What We Offer



  • Rapid Response
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • On-Call Psychologist/Trauma Counseling
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Home/Business Arrival/Departure Escort Services
  • External Tow Truck Contractors
  • Residential And Business Security and Alarms
  • Community Improvement Projects 




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Canine Unit- Coming Soon